About Redondo Bueno

Redondo Bueno is a professional photographer that has more than ten years of experience. Our work is focused not only on the hotel industry and gastronomy, but also on interior design and Instagram marketing strategies among others.

In addition to that, it is important to highlight that we have been working for well-known companies and events. Some of all our projects
are with Varlhona, Hospes hotels, well-known restaurants with Michellin Stars or Koch des Jahres (4 years and current official
photographer). Julian is an experienced, enthusiastic, hard worker and passionate adventurer, who has been growing professionaly next to the Best.


"Julian has the strength in his eyes and the talent on his fingers to combine the commercial and the
emotional value of photographs and to implement in an artistic way"

"Apart from the quality of these photos, what makes him special is the atmosphere he brings and how
comfortable everyone feels while working with him"

"With Julian you can work in all confidence. With the assurance that his aesthetic appreciation and his
creative sense convey the graphic message in the best way"

"It’s just him and his camera, what he has is the eye to catch the moment. He provided me with the best
photos I ever had of my restaurant. He is a great guy and his camera is like a weapon for him"


The best photography gear only for the best results.


Hospitality connoisseurs with the mission of executing the most sublime guest experience.


Word class prints by experts with the best German technology.


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